Reading K-12 PD for PeBL Mentors

Reading K-12 PD for PeBL Mentors

This professional development covers why reading is the cornerstone of all education and the PeBL philosophy.  

Reading is demystified into the components that all students need to read.  Then strategies and the transfer of responsibility are used supporting the Saskatchewan Reads framework. 

The materials used through out the presentation are included in the folder for this presentation in the PeBL ELA Team group in the folder entitled "Reading PD (PeBL Mentor PD).

Contact any members of the team or your PeBL Mentor for further information.  

Please keep in mind that DRA materials cannot be included because of copyright but you have access to all these materials in your school.  The should not just be a one off thing.  DRA can and should inform instruction and they provide excellent guidance on how to approach weak areas! 

Download: March_6_Reading_Mentor_SST_PD.pptx

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