Mental Wellness A30L - Sun West School Division

Sun West School Division will offer an optional course based on student interest in the area of mental wellness as an elective at the 30 level. Mental Wellness A30L will provide an extension of the skills and knowledge acquired in the Wellness 10 course, and will consist of both theory and applied learning using low- and high-level technologies. Through this course students will learn about mental health issues and illnesses. Through inquiry-based units of study, they will explore their own personal connections, cultural influences, the media, and/or social media. A locally developed course in mental wellness will assist students in furthering their interest and knowledge as well as create and manage a personal support plan using tools such as a progress tracking app, journals, talking circles, counselling, etc. It is important for students to understand the wide array of intervention and support choices available to them in their communities. It is critical for students to have opportunities to explore different support plan pathways as they develop independence and advocacy skills for themselves and others.

Student interest and the growing statistics related to child and youth mental health were considerations in offering this elective.

Download: Mental_Wellness_A30L.pdf

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