Planning Templates for 21st Century Skills Implementation

Planning Templates for 21st Century Skills Implementation

The following templates support the implementation of character and academic skills found here:

There are two templates available.  One template will be used for school-wide implementation, and one will be used for classroom implementation.  

Download: School_wide_commitments_planning_template_7C_pqiiD0J.pdf

Download: School_wide_commitments_planning_template_SECRET_SPfyQUT.pdf

Download: classroom_commitments_planning_template_7C_jgo7fHH.pdf

Download: classroom_commitments_planning_template_SECRET.docx_2_K4ojqOG.pdf

Please note that the documents you need to implement this can be found in The Resource Bank.  One excellent way to explore is to go to the 21C hub, and find the SECRET collection.  

Here are links to some of the items you will need.  The rest can be found in the collection or by searching. 

Morning Announcements -

Posters - 


Link to Collection -

Download: School_wide_commitments_planning_template_SECRET_3wtTkW0.pdf

Download: classroom_commitments_planning_template_SECRET.docx_2_bFmsC7M.pdf

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