Teacher Template - Grade 4 ELA

Teacher Template - Grade 4 ELA

Curriculum At a Glance ELA 4

I Can Statements

Indicator/ Assignment

Date Assessed

Grade/ Mark


CR4.1 - I can comprehend and respond to different grade-level texts (including visual, oral, written and multimedia)













CR4.2 - I can view and respond to visual and multimedia texts, and talk about the author’s strategies and impact on myself and others.





CR4.3 - I can summarize and reword what I listen to so I can make my own conclusions.





CR4.4 – I can read and comprehend grade-appropriate fiction and non-fiction from different cultures and countries.





CC4.1 - I can compose and create a range of visual, multimedia, oral, and written texts that explore and present thoughts on identity, community, and social responsibility.





CC4.2 - I can create different representations that shows ideas and information about a specific topic and purpose.





CC4.3 - I can speak about different topics to present information, in formal and informal speaking situations, for different people and reasons.





CC4.4 - I can write to make a: descriptive, narrative, and expository pieces as I use the writing process.





AR4.1 - I can use a rubric to reflect and improve my viewing, listening, reading, speaking, writing and representing.  I can start thinking about ways I can improve.





AR4.2 –I can set and work on my goals to improve my viewing, listening, reading, speaking, writing and representing.





Outcome Based Rubrics

Grade 4 ELA Rubrics

Grammar Scope and Sequence

Grade 4 ELA Grammar Scope and Sequence

Writing Progression

K-12 Writing Progression

Transfer of Responsibility

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