Children's Books to use in Math Class

Number Strand        
 Counting   Tally O'Malley  One Duck Stuck Equal Shmequal  
Tallies  Tally O'Malley     
More/Less More       
 Equals  Equal Shmequal     
 Odd/Even  Bean Thirteen        
Repeated Addition
 Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream      
 Division  The Doorbell Rang Bean Thirteen      
 Fractions Bean Thirteen   The Lion's ShareMultiplying Menace  Full HouseIf the World Were a Village 
 Place Value Millions of Cats
 Ratios  If     
 Patterns and Relations       
 Shape and Space       
 area/perimeter Spaghetti and Meatballs for All      
 calendar   If     
Statistics and Probability       
Tallies, Graphing  Tally O'Malley     
 Graphing If the World Were a Village       

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