The Basics for Online Lesson Planning

The Basics for Online Lesson Planning


Recorded April 24, 2020.

This webinar will give you a refresher on top notch lesson planning criteria that we all know to be effective…except with a twist! The twist is sharing tips and tricks for doing this in an online environment!  The tips are tricks will include how to:

-engage online learners
-create navigational patters and repeated routines for our learners
-connect with our students and families
-provide timely and meaningful feedback
-deliver content clearly and effectively
-activate prior knowledge
-apply new knowledge to their personal lives

Most of all, we will share templates, strategies, online tools to help us all create fun and engaging learning experiences for us all!


K-12 teachers


Slide Deck

Download: BasicsDesigningOnlineLessonPlans.pptx

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