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Learning Guide- 21st Century Competencies: Professional Development Focus for 2013-2014
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Developing Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Computer and Digital Technologies.

During the 2013-2014 school year, teachers in the Sun West School Division accessed
four half days of professional development in their own schools to create awareness of
the 21st century competencies in order to prepare our learners for an ever-changing

In each school, Learning Coaches will facilitate the days, working with teachers to
explore the seven competencies and to assist educators in implementing critical
thinking and collaboration strategies into classrooms.

The days are intended to provide engaging, hands-on, authentic learning experiences
that allow each teacher to “start where they are”. The half day workshops have been
designed to bring teachers together, both face-to-face and virtually, to learn with and
from each other. As a community of educators, we will work collectively to shift
teaching practices to reflect 21st century models of education.

This is not “one-size fits all” professional development. Instead, these days will provide a
flexible learning environment where teachers will be able to explore aspects of critical
thinking and collaboration that has meaning for them and their classrooms.

SMART Goal: By June 2014, Sun West School Division teaching staff will:

1. Demonstrate personal growth in the understanding of critical thinking and collaboration.

2. Apply understandings of the competencies (critical thinking and collaboration) to reflect
21st century models of learning.

3. Use technology tools purposefully for teaching and learning.

4. Demonstrate a positive impact on student learning in the classroom.

5. Share publishable artifact(s).

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