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Climate Change and STEM Career Preparation: Building a Diverse Workforce

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In this self-paced tutorial, educators learn about the kinds of educational experiences that prove effective in exciting students about STEM careers and identify resources that can be used to introduce students to STEM careers, especially those related to climate change science. Profiles of scientists and engineers representing diverse populations are included for use in the classroom. Multimedia educational resources including video clips and vocabulary words linked to a glossary are included. This is the eighth of ten self-paced professional development modules providing opportunities for teachers to learn about climate change through first-hand data exploration.

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Learner Sketch

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Learner Sketch Tool. The Learner Sketch Tool (LST) is an online tool designed to provide learners with a personalized profile and strategies to improve learning outcomes, and educators with information and strategies for strengths-based conversations that support every learner's growth and success. PLEASE ALSO SEE THE LEARNER PROFILE COLLECTION TO ASSIST YOU IN BUILDING FULL LEARNER PROFILES FOR YOUR STUDENTS. Click "Discover" then "Collections" to find this collection. Consider including learning styles, personality types, strengths, prefernces, etc.

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