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This group is for leaders of Sun West's PLCs. We can share templates, ideas, resources and ask questions that require clarification in the discussion area.
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Creating Norms

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This activity enables a team to develop a set of operating norms or ground rules. Preparation: Before the meeting, write the list of norms at the bottom of p. 7 on a sheet of chart paper and post on the meeting room wall. In addition, refer to the handout on p. 7 and create six more posters, one for each category: • Time • Decision making • Listening • Participation • Confidentiality • Expectations Place these posters on the meeting room walls as well. Supplies: Chart paper, sticky notes, pens/pencils. Time: Two hours

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Sun West Return to Learn Process

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As we prepare for the fall 2020 re-entry to school, in thinking about specifically supporting learning, we have developed the “Sun West Return to Learn Process”.  This process reminds us of the best practices we already implement in our schools, continues to reinforce our PeBL philosophy and will help us work together to achieve “Success for ALL learners”.

Material Type: Primary Source

Authors: Kelli Boklaschuk, Melissa Lander, Vanessa Lewis