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“We are living in the knowledge and digital age. We are already over a decade into the 21st Century and although we are witnessing pockets of innovation in Canada’s education systems, we are not adapting to the new reality fast enough. We need to accelerate the pace of change and ensure the shift toward 21st Century models of learning is systemic across all of Canada and for all learners. Adopting 21st Century models of learning in Canada’s education systems is imperative to positioning all students and the nation as a whole for success. C21 Canada is advocating for the adoption of 21st Century models of learning for all education systems across all of Canada. …” - C21 Shifting Mind This group is for educators that believe in the importance of teaching students 21st century skills to be life long learners and happy well-adjusted people. It doesn't matter what framework you choose to use (SECRET, 7 Cs, etc) we know that it is our job to use these skills to prepare our students for ANYTHING!
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Computer & Digital Technology Guidebook - 6-9 (Middle Years) Sun West

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Sun West Computer & Digital Technologies Middle Years 6-9 Guidebook - please use the table of contents to navigate this guidebook. Also, we invite you to share resources you think would be suitable for this guidebook with any of the author's of this guidebook.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Assessment, Homework/Assignment, Lesson, Primary Source, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Authors: Courtney McDonald, Terry Epp, Kelli Boklaschuk, Vanessa Lewis, Melissa Lander, Rebekka Burton, Stephen Hadden, Doug Klassen, Elaina Guilmette, Brianne Denning, Crystal Johnson, Paul Stinson, Aaron Moore, Karen McConnell