Carbon Snake

Carbon Snake

Science Background:

·         Sulfuric acid removes water from the sugar (Dehydration).

·         Reaction is very exothermic (releases heat)

·         With water removes you are left with elemental carbon

·         Much of the water is boiled off as steam

 Materials: Sulfuric acid, sugar, beaker, glass stir rod, dish to collect overflow


1.       Fill beaker 2/3 full of sugar. 100-250 mL is a good size

2.       Add concentrated Sulfuric Acid so it just covers sugar

3.       Mix with glass stir rid (you may need to add some more acid)

4.       When beaker heats up (sugar turns brown) stop stirring.

5.       Reaction may take a few minutes. Be patient.

Download: Carbon_Snake.docx

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