Anxiety Drama Performance

Anxiety Drama Performance

A great way to show anxiety is to do a drama performance and act it out for others to see what anxiety is really like for someone. 

Dealing with Anxiety: 

Video series  “Stopping the Noise in your Head: The New Way to Overcome Anxiety and Worry” 

1. Find a situation that scares you…really cares you!   

    a)   For example flying in an airplane. Have an actor pretending to be on a plane with ‘anxiety’ sitting beside them 

2.  Move towards that thing….get the stress going.   

3. Acknowledge that doubt, stress, and discomfort. 

4. Welcome what is happening….. 

5. Give yourself a motivational or instructional comment…give me more 

6. Go back to the task 

7. Give yourself a “ point” for being able to go back to the task.  

Download: Anxiety_drama_performance.docx

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