Report Card Documentation

A heartfelt thank you to all of you who are continuing to work hard throughout this MSS transition period.  Together, we are learning more about the program and its functionality.  

March 2023 For Teachers

Below are some Reporting Period Documents for Teachers for classes with T2 or FYT1 Reporting Periods (For the  most part, this is our Kindergarten and Grades 1-9 Courses)

The MSS March Reporting Refresher Session recording is available to all teachers. Reach out to your MSS LEAD or V Lewis if you need access.

Download: Report_Card_Checklist_7TfOzyV_I2zxdQc_1_Qek7HP7.docx

Download: Update_Post_Columns_U9FHuZY_2_gNIiq3v.docx

Download: Term_Comments_a1dtigD_xuYqKnf_1_EF9n9xk.docx

Download: FASA_Entering_Scores_201026_QGt7yFk_2_ep9qCbK.docx

Download: Entering_Outcome_Marks_Kindergarten_1_1.pdf

Download: Kindergarten_End_of_Term_Process_2_1_2.docx

Jan 2023 For Teachers
Below are End of Semester Reporting Period Documents in support of Teachers

Download: Report_Card_Checklist_7TfOzyV_I2zxdQc_1.docx

Download: Update_Post_Columns_U9FHuZY_2_Raidbrx.docx

Download: Term_Comments_a1dtigD_xuYqKnf_1.docx

Download: FASA_Entering_Scores_201026_QGt7yFk_2_G1j5wn0.docx

Download: Grade_9-10_split_class_final_grade_option_v1FHq2t_1.docx

Download: Using_Gradebook_v3.0_1.pdf

June EOYR For Teachers

Below are Reporting Period Documents for Teachers for End Of Year (EOYR) Reporting

June EOYR Refresher Session Recording

Download: Term_Comments_2_R83I4LG_4.docx

Download: Update_Post_Columns_XZioFEv_f4MhaLT_7.docx

Download: FASA_Entering_Scores_201026_3_NLRSpfZ_tAMMYP3_4.docx

Download: Kindergarten_End_of_Term_Process_2_1.docx

March 2022 For Teachers

Below are some Reporting Period Documents for Teachers for classes with T2 or FYT1 Reporting Periods (For the  most part, this is our Kindergarten and Grades 1-9 Courses)

March Refresher Session Recording

Download: Report_Card_Checklist_7TfOzyV_I2zxdQc_wtvEYyV.docx

Download: Update_Post_Columns_zCgXOBx.docx

Download: Term_Comments_a1dtigD_xuYqKnf_QrssXmW.docx

Download: FASA_Entering_Scores_201026_QGt7yFk_DrhOwb5.docx

Download: Grade_9-10_split_class_final_grade_option_v1FHq2t_Shjce8h.docx

Download: Entering_Outcome_Marks_Kindergarten_1.pdf

Download: Kindergarten_End_of_Term_Process_3.docx

Jan 2022 For Teachers
Below are some End of Semester Reporting Period Documents for Teachers

Jan End of Semester Reporting Period Recording

Download: Report_Card_Checklist_7TfOzyV_I2zxdQc.docx

Download: Update_Post_Columns_U9FHuZY.docx

Download: FASA_Entering_Scores_201026_QGt7yFk.docx

Download: Term_Comments_a1dtigD_xuYqKnf.docx

Download: Grade_9-10_split_class_final_grade_option_v1FHq2t.docx

Nov 2021 For Teachers
Below are some Nov Reporting Period Documents for Teachers
Nov Reporting Period Recording

Download: Update_Post_Columns_XZioFEv_f4MhaLT_1.docx

Download: Term_Comments_2_R83I4LG_1.docx

Download: FASA_Entering_Scores_201026_3_NLRSpfZ_tAMMYP3_7sCykdY.docx

Download: Using_Gradebook_v2.0_NnvNpk6.pdf

June 2021 For Teachers
Below are some EOYR Reporting Documents for Teachers
EOYR Refresher Session June 2021 Recording

EOYR Refresher Session June 2021 Recording

Download: Term_Comments_2_R83I4LG.docx

Download: Update_Post_Columns_XZioFEv_f4MhaLT.docx

Download: Update_Post_Columns_SWDLC_term_instructions_RPCHEXA.docx

Download: FASA_Entering_Scores_201026_3_NLRSpfZ_tAMMYP3.docx

Download: Kindergarten_End_of_Term_Process_2.docx

Download: Grade_9-10_split_class_final_grade_option_1_uYE4oIa_GLFo1hh.docx

Download: Report_Card_Checklist_YWv8FNJ_1.docx

March 2021 For Teachers.
Below are some T2 reporting documents for Teachers. 

Download: Kindergarten_End_of_Term_Process.docx

Download: FASA_Entering_Scores_201026_3_NLRSpfZ.docx

Download: Grade_9-10_split_class_final_grade_option_1_uYE4oIa.docx

Download: Report_Card_Checklist_YWv8FNJ.docx

Download: Term_Comments_2.docx

Download: Update_Post_Columns_SWDLC_term_instructions.docx

Download: Update_Post_Columns_XZioFEv.docx

Jan 2021 For Teachers.

The process for Semester End - reporting and report cards is is similar to January of last year.  For easy reference, below are some related documents as shared with your MSS LEAD Teachers/Admin in support of the Semester End process. Some schools and/or courses do not currently end in Semester 1.  Also, our DLC follows a slightly different process for which documentation has been sent directly. Please work with your school based MSS Leads and have them reach out if any support is needed. We continue to learn together.  Thanks everyone.

Download: Report_Card_Checklist_7TfOzyV.docx

Download: FASA_Entering_Scores_201026.docx

Download: Term_Comments_a1dtigD.docx

Download: Update_Post_Columns.docx

Download: SWSD_MSS_Powerpoint_School_Lead_Training_Teacher_Administrator_Jan_2021_FINAL.pptx

Download: Grade_9-10_split_class_final_grade_option.docx

Download: SWSD_MSS_Powerpoint_School_Lead_Training_Teacher_Administrator_Jan_2021_FINAL.pdf

Nov 2020!  For Teachers.
The process for reporting and report cards is much the same as this time last year. For easy reference, here are documents shared with schools this reporting period.

Download: Report_Card_Checklist_qmGfNt5.docx

Download: FASA_Entering_Scores_201026_1_OIQEETz.docx

Download: Update_Post_Column_-_High_School_pklltZO.docx

Download: Update_Post_Columns_-_Elementary_Middle_years_dTyUGrF.docx

Download: Term_Comments_0Te7z94.docx

Download: Entering_Outcome_Marks.pdf

June 2020!  For Teachers!  In preparation for end of year reporting during our first year with MSS and Covid-19 considerations.

Download: MSS_Reporting_Guidelines_June_2020_2.docx

Download: Update_Post_Columns_for_Standards_Based_Classes_-_June_2020_1_1_ckoLerA.docx

Download: Update_Post_Column_End_Grade_10-12_-June_Marks_1_1_9lD7fsO.docx

Download: FASA_Entering_Scores_June2020_4.docx

Stream Session exploring the documents for June 2020 Reporting:

Supplemental Learning Quick Reference Guide:

As always, documents such as GRADEBOOK Teacher Tips (below) will be helpful to ensure you have preference set properly.

JAN 2020! For Teachers!   In preparation for our Semester 1 reporting and Family Portal roll out, please make time to review this GRADEBOOK Teacher Tips for Semester 1 and Family Portal Jan 10 2020 document:

Download: GRADEBOOK_Teacher_Tips_for_Semester_1_and_Family_Portal_Jan_10_2020.pdf

For those involved in the End of Semester 1 Report Card Process v1.1, this document will prove useful to Teachers:

Download: Update_Post_Column_End_of_Semester_1_version_1.2.docx

Entering FASA Scores 200120:

Download: FASA_Entering_Scores_200120.docx

We will provide you with further end of semester information as we learn more.  Thank you for your perseverance and positive attitudes as we work through this process together.  

Report Card Documentation as of November 2019 has been preserved below and will provide easy access to links listed in the GRADEBOOK Teacher Tips for Semester 1 and Family Portal Jan 10 2020 document:  

Below is information and a number of files to support preparation needed for this first ever MSS reporting period.

Please note:  When entering FASA Marks, enter FASA marks in the LL1, SS1, EC1 and WH1 columns.    If the marks are entered in the LL Score, SS Score, EC Score and WH Score column, they will not pull correctly onto the Report Card.  When marks are entered in the LL1, SS1, EC1 and WH1 column, the letter C and a zero will appear in the Score column for that FASA column. At this time please disregard that score. It is a known issue with MSS and is being looked at.

The Gradebook Teacher Tips document will help with Gradebook settings during this first reporting period as it provides a checklist of tips for teachers in areas such as Grade Scale choices, Visibility Type, Special Codes, Footnotes, NA/IE/IG, etc.  

Download: GRADEBOOK_Teacher_Tips_for_Reporting_First_Reporting_Period.pdf

Note:  Grades 1-9 teachers report on outcomes.  At this point in time, when running report cards, our 1-4 rating scale is displaying alpha (EX, ME, etc.).  There is a fix in the works at a higher level.  For now, it looks like our Report Cards will pull Alpha rather than Numeric.  The Achievement Scale does explain info, however, so it should be OK for this first reporting period.

Helpful Documents:

Download: Entering_Outcome_Marks.docx

Download: Teacher_Attendance.pdf

Download: Blank_Elementary_Report_Card_6uXqe9n.pdf

Download: Blank_High_School_Report_Card_Lx2v2Qz.pdf

Download: Class_to_Daily_Attendance_Procedure_C2gB5pp.docx

Download: FASA_Entering_Scores_191105.docx

Download: FASA_How_to_Delete_Assignments.docx

Download: GRADEBOOK_Grade_Scale.docx

Download: Posting_Grades_in_School_View.docx

Download: Printing_Report_Cards_v1.1_1.docx

Download: Report_Card_Checklist.docx

Download: Term_Comments.docx

Download: Update_Post_Column_-_High_School_pjj00Pk.docx

Download: Update_Post_Columns_-_Elementary_Middle_years_sJc7qeo.docx

Download: Using_Gradebook_v1.0_x76p8Fx.pdf

Notes regarding intended audience:

Entering Outcomes Marks (For Grades 1-9 Teachers)

Entering Outcome Marks (For Grades 1-9 Teachers)
Teacher Attendance (For Teachers)
Blank Elementary Report Card - sample
Blank High School Report Card - sample

Class to Daily Attendance Procedure (For Secretaries)
FASA Entering Scores (For Teachers - using Post Columns Term rather than creating assignments) 
FASA How to Delete Assignments (For Teachers - if you have previously created them)
GRADEBOOK Grade Scale (For Teachers - updates on K-9 and 10-12 Grade Scale information)
Posting Grades in School View (For Admin Staff)
Printing Report Cards (For Admin Staff)
Report Card Checklist (For Teachers and Admin Staff)
Update Post Column - High School (For Teachers)
Update Post Column - High School (For Teachers)
Ministry MSS Handbook - Using Gradebook March 2019 v1.0 (For Teachers)

Please know, we haven't responded to every helpdesk ticket yet as we feel that many of frequently asked questions will clear themselves up as we work through this Report Card information for the first reporting period.  Please continue to share your many successes.  As well, as challenges arise, please continue to work with your school leads and submit specific and detailed questions through our helpdesk process.  Thank you everyone.  Together is Better!  

Download: Update_Post_Column_-_High_School_LTRO2dY.docx

Download: Update_Post_Columns_-_Elementary_Middle_years_oH07BxN.docx

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