Living Life as Librarians

This group is for librarians to share, collaborate, and communicate their resources. The main purpose of this group is to facilitate learning opportunities for our students that come to us through DLC and classroom needs, and to assist teachers with their resource needs.
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Reading with Sora & Overdrive

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Open a world of reading with the Sora student reading app! Features include: *Read and borrow books with a tap *Assigned books show up automatically with due dates *Make highlights and take notes and export them at any time *Earn badges by reading and completing tasks *See how many books you've read with statistics *Search local public libraries too! A PowerPoint is also available to download to assist you in getting started.

Material Type: Reading

Author: Melissa Lander

Video Streaming & More Resources at Sun West

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At Sun West we have access to: Learn 360, Criterion on Demand and ACF. These resources allow you to stream educational videos and movies (from current to old). Learn 360 goes well beyond this with resources from everything from videos, interactives, science experiments, maps, fact sheets, math activities and an encyclopedia.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Homework/Assignment, Lesson, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Authors: Terry Epp, Kelli Boklaschuk, Melissa Lander, Doug Klassen, Shari Martin

Video Collection: Learning Commons: A shared space for connecting and accelerating educator learning.

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A shared space for connecting and accelerating educator learning. A collection of excellent videos to expand your professional thinking and learning! Educators can search across curated professional learning resources to solve challenges and begin to transform teaching and learning in their classrooms. Resources providers can contribute content, tools, and ideas to support and develop learners, while getting real-time feedback on value and impact. Learning leaders can connect to groups of learners and share curated resources based on personalized, competency-based learning goals

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Learning Commons Beta