Learning Style Quizzes or Inventories for Learner Profiles PeBL

Learning Style Quizzes or Inventories for Learner Profiles PeBL

It is important to know your learners, and for learner's to know themselves if they are to learn successfully.  Knowing how you learn best (with your eyes, ears or hands) will greatly help students do their best learning!

Having a variety of inventories makes it easier to revisit this each year without having to do the same inventory over and over. 

Online Inventories




Printable Inventories

Download: k_to_2_learning_styles_NoKuiNi.doc

Download: learning_styles_quiz.pdf

Download: Learning_styles_7_8.doc

Download: Learning_styles_generic.doc

Download: Learning-Inventory-Elem.pdf

Tips for Studying by Learning Style 

Download: Study_Tips_for_learning_styles.docx

Learning Styles Discussion Activity

Download: learning_styles_discussion_activity.docx

Download: learning_styles_discussion_activity_student_copy.docx

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