Sun West Student Planner Template & Exemplar

Sun West Student Planner Template Exemplar

It is not required that you stick to a strict schedule during at home learning.  However, it is suggested that you keep a schedule for wake and bed times, meal times and chores.  You can be flexible with what learning is done when, and give your children voice and choice in what one of the "6 Every Day Learning" activities they would like to tackle during learning times. 

However, if you are looking for a template to support building a flexible schedule for your child(ren) while learning at home, please feel free to download the following template.  You can click the link below this image to download your own printable planner. The template provides one page for the week overall, and then one page for each day of the week. 

There is also an example template as it would be filled out by a teacher. 

Weekly Planner
planner.PNGWeekly Planner

Weekly Planner

Download: Sun_West_Planner.pdf

Download this version of the template to edit it yourself.

Download: planner.docx

Exemplar Template (filled out by a teacher)

This is an example week done for a Grade 4 Student. 

Download: Gr_4_Sup_Learning_Exemplar_pra6EY0.pdf

Download: Gr_4_Sup_Learning_Exemplar_HhblGHe.docx

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