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Phonological Awareness Screening Test - The PAST
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The PAST and the instructions for administering the screener can be downloaded from this resource.
*The phonological development chart is in Appendix A.
*Suggested activities are in Appendix B.

English Language Arts
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David A. Kilpatrick
Equipped for reading success
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Teaching Phoneme Awareness in 2022 - A Guide for Educators
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Download this free phonemic awareness today!

Recent discussions occurring online, in journals, and at conferences are creating uncertainties about what phonological awareness instruction will be most effective with which children. This guide addresses some of these questions by using what we currently know from the scientific research, from teacher experiences, and from observations in clinical teaching environments for children who struggle with reading.

The outline of the resource includes:
Section 1. Reading Research, Instructional Practice, and Phoneme Awareness
1.1 When should reading research influence instructional practices?
1.2 What is Phonological Awareness? Why is it Important?
Section 2. The Who, When, What, and How of Teaching Phonemic Awareness
2.1 Who needs to be taught phoneme awareness?
2.2 When should phonological awareness instruction begin?
2.3 What phonemic awareness skills should be taught?
2.4 How should phonological awareness instruction begin?
2.5 How much phonological awareness time should involve phonemic awareness activities?
2.6 Is there any value in beginning phonological awareness instruction with larger units, such
as syllables?
2.7 Do onset-rime activities have a role in early phonemic awareness instruction?
2.8 What are manipulatives and how can I use them when teaching phoneme awareness?
2.9 Is it important to teach phoneme awareness with tasks like phoneme deletion and
Using sound chains to teach phoneme awareness

Early Childhood Development
English Language Arts
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Primary Source
Teaching/Learning Strategy
David A. Kilpatrick
Louisa Cook Moats
Lucy Hart Paulson
Marion McBride
Shira Naftel
Jane Ashby
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