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Making Sense of Learning Pathways

Thinking of students on different pathways to learning can help us better understand Personalized Learning.
Implementing learning pathways can help teachers to "adapt to each student’s learning progress, motivation and goals".

In the example given (and there are many more versions you could use!) Students are on 3 pathways. All pathways get small group instruction!

Pathway 1 - these are the students that are usually ahead. They skip over some things and get into the deeper work.
Pathway 2 - the "core" track for students working at level.
Pathway 3 - these students may have gaps or work more slowly. They don't get MORE work, but work at their level. They will likely get more small group instruction than the other paths.

Formative assessment is used on all pathways to improve instruction and learning.

*students can move between pathways if desired or necessary!

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