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14 Tips to Doing Rewrites, Redos, and Reassessments the Right Way
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In Rick Wormeli’s article Redos and Retakes Done Right, he states “allowing students to redo assignments and assessments is the best way to prepare them for adult life.”
According to Wormeli, many teachers feel that denying students opportunities to show their full potential after providing substantial results builds ‘moral fibre’. These teachers have the mindset that there should be rigid deadlines for assignments and that marks should be taken off for late submissions, and even give zeroes in some situations. Wormeli counters by claiming that “these practices have the opposite effect: They retard student achievement and maturation.”
In Kenaston School, specifically in math and the senior sciences, students have the opportunity to redo assessments in 2011-2012. Teachers have taken Wormeli’s guidelines into consideration, applying some of his recommendations. Kenaston teachers advise that by incorporating Wormeli’s ideas into practice, teachers can make redos fair for both the student and teacher.

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