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How to Teach Outcome Based Math at Sun West

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The following info-graphic spells out the steps required to establish a solid outcome based math program at your school! The steps are given, but the resources you use are up to what is available at your individual school, as well as what fits your teaching style and your students' needs best. Many resources can also be find in the resource bank! Join the Outcome Based Math Group for more ideas and support in your journey!

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Authors: Kelli Boklaschuk, Melissa Lander, Nicole Francoeur

Writing Continuum Saskatchewan Grades 1-12

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Focus The continuum provides an overview of the writing skills, text forms, and strategies for each grade/course. The continuum is not intended to replace the curricula. Content The English Language Arts grades 1–12 compose and create goal is the foundation for this continuum. Compose and Create (CC)—Students will extend their abilities to write to explore and present thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a variety of forms, for a variety of purposes, for a variety of audiences. In addition, outcomes and indicators related to writing inform the continuum. Format The continuum, providing teachers with a grade 1–12 overview of writing, is organized into the following grade groupings: 1–3; 4–6; 7–9; 10–12.

Material Type: Primary Source

Author: Government of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Ministry of Education for Provincial Writing Assessment

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This site provides the materials needed to support the provincial writing assessment. Attached Files Include: Eligible Students for Writing Data Collection Writing Continuum 1-12 Writing Rubrics Writing At Grade Level FAQs for the Writing Outcome Prompts Gr 1 - 12 with Context Copyright Permission Form If you have problems accessing this site contact or 1-866-933-8333.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Assessment

Author: Government of Saskatchewan

Math Antics Videos, Lessons, Activities & Worksheets

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Math Antics has amazing videos to explain concepts for Math. The videos are very clear and explicit and students love them. There are also follow up lessons, activities and worksheets teachers and students can use to solidify learning. The videos are organized by strand, and all are free. Some of the other resources are free as well, but the cost to have full access is really low. It's just $20 for a full year. That being said, it's super useful even without a paid account! This would be a fantastic resource for a guided math station, or a flipped classroom.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Assessment, Homework/Assignment, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Melissa Lander