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This group provides a location for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Educators to access and utilize required documents, imaginative resources, and exploratory learning inspirations, to help make their occupation more efficient and enjoyable.
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Early Years Evaluation

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As stated on the website, "The Early Years Evaluation – Teacher Assessment (EYE-TA) measures a variety of items and provides a holistic picture for school leaders." This link will provide an overview and explanation of each component of the assessment as well as the research behind it.

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EYE Online Data Entry Site

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Use this website to: Login to your EYE-TA account Confirm each student's details Print class lists for observation of the EYE-TA Access the 100 Activities Access frequently asked questions and responses Enter your EYE-TA data Run the reports for your class Run the individual student report

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The Brain on Reading

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This is a video recording of the lunch and learn session from October 21st, 2021 on how the brain learns to read. Session Description: Do you wonder how our students brains learn to read? Join this session for an overview of what the scientific field has discovered and uncovered about our brains and the process the brain goes through to learn how to read. This will have a significant impact on how we plan to teach reading, writing, and spelling in the future.

Material Type: GAP 4, GAP 5, GAP 6, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Sandra Lutz

Full STEAM Ahead

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In this lunch and learn video, facilitator's explore how easy and inexpensive it is to implement STEAM activities into early year classrooms.  Facilitator's offer examples of supplies, costs, ideas, and make connections to cross curricular outcomes and beyond.  The video also illustrates a STEAM activity which was adapted for grades K-2 and how this STEAM activity was implemented to a K-2 classroom.  The STEAM activity and resources highlighted in the video are also shared within this resource.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Authors: Correne McJannet, Jennifer Davey