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This resource includes I Can statements that cover:
- View, listen, read, comprehend, and respond to a variety of grade-appropriate First Nations, Metis, Saskatchewan, and Canadian texts that address identity, social responsibility, and social action.
-View and evaluate critically information and ideas obtained from First Nations, Metis, Saskatchewan, and Canadian visual and multimedia texts, including an advertisement, news broadcast, poster, and film.
-Listen to, comprehend, and develop coherent and plausible interpretations of grade-appropriate literary and informational texts created by First Nations, Metis, Saskatchewan, and Canadian speakers and authors from various communities.
-Read, demonstrate comprehension of, and apply knowledge from grade-appropriate informational (including editorials, reviews, and articles) and literary (including fiction, script, poetry, and non-fiction) texts from First Nations, Metis, Saskatchewan, and Canadian authors as a basis for understanding self and the multiplicity of voices and perspectives that make up Canadian culture.
-Create a range of visual, multimedia, oral, and written texts that explore identity, social responsibility, and social action.
- Create and present visual and multimedia representations including using photographs to explain a range of contemporary course-related perspectives or landscapes.
- Present and express a range of ideas and information in formal (including a panel presentation and a business or community meeting) and informal (including discussions and collaborative work) situations for differing audiences and purposes.
- Create a variety of informational (including an inquiry / research paper and an editorial) and literary (including a real or invented narrative and a literary criticism essay) texts that are appropriate to a variety of audiences and purposes including informing, persuading, and entertaining.
- Assess own work for precision, clarity, and artistry.
-Reflect on personal growth and successes in language learning and consider the role and importance of language learning when developing personal goals and plans as a self-directed, curious, self-appraising, and open-minded learner.
English Language Arts
High School (9-12)
Grade 30
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