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Grade 7 Reading Assessment

Grade 7 Reading Assessment


This resource is created to support Grade 7 teachers in Sun West with the Pre and Post Reading Assessment that is done every two years. In additions to supporting the assessment process, there are best practices for using Before, During and After Reading Strategies in our ELA classrooms.

Section 1: Grade 7 Reading Assessment Overview


Every second year, all Grade 7 students in the Sun West School Division participate in a division-wide Reading Assessment. Since 2011, Sun West has been using reading passages from the Reading Assessment Distract (RAD) Data from the assessment is collected, scored, and reported back to classroom teachers to be used when planning for instruction.

The RAD kit includes two assessments - “Tsunami “and “The Halifax Explosion”. These assessments are used to collect pre-test information at the classroom level, and post-test information at the Division Level.

The following information will provide instructions for administering these assessments in the classroom and  resources to support before,during and after reading strategies in your classrooms.


Thank you in advance for your continued participation in the Division-wide assessments.

If you have any questions regarding the Grade 7 Reading Assessment, please contact

Vanessa Lewis or Arlene Low

The following documents are linked below:

  • Assessment Timeline/Yearplan
  • Facilitators Guide
  • Curriculum Connections




Section 2: Pre-Assessment

Pre-Assessment Instructions

From your RAD kit, use the pre-assessment called "Tsunami" to begin with your students. The assessment will require students to retrieve information, recognize meaning, interpret text, and analyze text. The six questions in the assessment will have the students abillity in all of these areas.

Question 1: assesses students' ability to set a purpose for reading by making predictions and use text features.

Question 2: assesses students' ability to retrieve information and recognize meaning by locating main ideas and details.

Question 3: assesses students' ability to interpret text by making inferences or drawing logical conclusion.

Question 4: assesses students ability to analyze text by making connections between new and prior knowledge.

Question 5: assesses students metacognitive awareness of comprehension strategies.

Question 6: assesses students metacognitive awareness of their word-solving strategies. 

In your RAD kit, you will see the Teacher Instructions. The Teacher Instructions will instruct you step by step of what to do Before the Pre-Assessment, During the Pre-Assessment, and After the Pre-Assessment. Use this pre-assessment opportunity to Co-Construct Criteria with your students and use sample examples to help your students understand the different learning levels based on the criteria of the question.

The following documents posted below will support the Pre-Assessment with your students:

Adding Pre-Assessment Scores to Dossier

After you have completed the Pre-Assessment with each of your Grade 7 students, add the scores for each of the questions for each of your students to Dossier. This will be your baseline assessment. The Post-Assessment scores will be added in the spring by the division.

To learn more about how to add scores into Dossier for your students, visit the Dossier Supports in the Resource Bank:

Section 3: Reading Strategies Resources

To make the RAD Assessment authentic and meaningful in your classroom, it is important to ensure that throughout the year, you are modeling and practices the reading stratgies that naturally occur Before, During, and After reading.

Reading Strategy Resources:

PredictingInferringAsking QuestionsConnecting

Strategy Poster

DRTA Strategy

Strategy Poster

Reading Graphic Organizers

Inferencing Worksheets

Types of Inferencing

How to Teach Questioning

Double Entry Journal

Templates of Strategies

Making MeaningVisualizingUsing Text FeaturesAssess & Reflect
Graphic OrganizersStrategy PosterGraphic Organizers Visble Learning Strategies

Reading Strategy Supports:

Reading Strategy During Remote Learning

General Reading Strategy Resources:


Section 4: Post-Assessment

Post-Assessment Instructions:

In your RAD kits, the "Halifax Explosion" is used at the post assessment. You will recieve an email with the documents that you will be required to use for this post-assessment with your students. This specific instructions of how to administer the post-assessment are located in your RAD kit: Page 17/18.

Your documentation will include:

  • 2021 Facilitator's Guide (also posted in Section 1 of this resource)
  • List of Grade 7 Students from MSS (January)
  • School Summary Sheet 
  • Student Response Sheets

Entering Scores into Dossier

The post assessment scores will be entered into Dossier by the school division to track student growth and and areas of need.  The Pre-Assessment scores can be added by the classroom teacher. It is important to have both of these score documented in Dossier to better support our students growth in their reading. To Learn more about Dossier, view the supporting videos on the resource bank.

To Login to your Dossier Account, visit the Sun West School Division Website:

Watch the following video to learn how to add your assessment scores to Dossier:

Adding Reading Assessment Scores to Dossier

For more information, visit the resource bank: