The Magic Pear Tree (Week 9 - Nov. 25)

The story of "The Magic Pear Tree" comes from China. The version being read aloud is from Usborne Illustrated Stories from Around the World. Visit this collection to find a listening guide, and a variety of activities and resources connected to this week's read aloud session!

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Around the World Outdoor Games Booklet

"This booklet contains over 20 game ideas from all around the world to help children and families get
outside, have fun, and be active together."

For games specific to this week's Read Aloud from China, locate the following:
1. Catch the Dragon's Tail (p. 10)
2. Cat and Mouse (p. 12)
3. Carrot Squat (p. 17)
4. Chinese Jump Rope (p. 20)
5. Jianzi (p. 25)

Have fun!

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