21st Century Skills (FASA) 7 C Rubric Exemplars Grades 6 to 9

Sun West 21st Century 7 C Rubric Exemplars for Grades 6 to 9

Please find the rubrics for Grade 6 to 9 for each of the 7Cs for 21st century skill learning below.  

The following are examples of rubrics to assess 21st century skills or competencies. 

These rubrics were originally designed by a committee using a 5-point scale, and have been redeveloped to reflect a 4-point scale.  Lastly, for reporting purposes, these rubrics are now connected to the language of Factors Affecting Student Achievement (FASA) which use the language of “consistently, usually, sometimes and rarely” instead of a 4-point scale.

Keep in mind that the best rubrics are developed BY students, FOR students.  These examples could be useful when developing your own rubrics with the students.  We definitely encourage you to involve your students in the process of rubric development.  

Download: 7C_6-9_Character_Rubric_IFKzK3b.docx

Download: 7C_6-9_Collaboration_Rubric_6Z79DI6.docx

Download: 7C_6-9_Communication_Rubric_LYj6Gvk.docx

Download: 7C_6-9_Creativity_Rubric_Yl3DbBR.docx

Download: 7C_6-9_Critical_Thinking_Rubric_TXKmdD9.docx

Download: 7C_6-9_Computer_and_Digital_Technologies_Rubric_BAeir6M.docx

Download: 7C_6-9_Cultural_and_Ethical_Citizenship_Rubric_5IQGprC.docx

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