PBL Professional Learning (PD)

PBL Professional Learning (PD)

The following is a collection of resources needed to run professional learning about Project Based Learning at Sun West.  

Included items: 

The PowerPoint presentation, planning template, project ideas, essential question templates, student action plan template, student reflection template and a link to outcomes for each grade (I CAN statements).

PBL Webinar

This webinar will explain how to deliver this Professional Learning PD workshop to the staff at your school.  All resources are provided below.

PBL Webinar

PowerPoint, Handouts, Templates

Download: PBL_copy.pptx

Download: PBL_planning_template_EjGW3J0.docx

Download: PBL_Essential_Question_Template_Ideas_for_PBL.docx

Download: PBL_example_action_plan_template_uxdjdQk.docx

Download: PBL_example_action_plan_template_WITH_SKILLS_final_Eek8IDj.docx

Download: PBL_Weekly_Reflection_C97J9TL.docx

Download: PBL_Possible_Products_for_Projects_Dl8rTwN.docx

Download: PBL_possible_skills_needed_k7UC5am.docx

Other Resources

       Outcome and I CAN Maps

       Great information on projects vs PBL.  Includes a quiz!

       An inspiring video about the power of failure.  Famous Failures.

Prequel to this PBL Professional Learning (PD)

PBL Skills Professional Learning Pre-Work -if you wish to have your school align the skills required to undertake PBL BEFORE you do the workshop visit this resource for the required materials.  A half day is suggested for this work before the full day PD included above.  Please note that the pre-work is not mandatory but may help your school align your work with skills required by students to do PBL successfully.  

You can find more information here: https://resourcebank.ca/authoring/2967-pbl-professional-learning-pre-work

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