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    Personalized Goals (PGs) Guide 2023-2024

    Personalized Goals (PGs) Guide 2023-2024


    This guide has been created to support schools with developing and monitoring personalized goals (PGs) for students.

    Watch the video "What's New in 2022?" (most recent video) to get started this year. 

    What's New in 2022? (most recent update)

    Please watch this video to find out "What's New in 2022 with PGs"! This is still relevant information in 2023-2024. 

    (It is also attached below)

    What's New in 2022?

    What's NEW?

    • NEW Benchmark Assessments Document
    • NEW Characteristics of an Effective PG 
    • Updated Opportunities REORDER Rubric for Schools
    • NEW Exemplars based on the Opportunities REORDER Rubric for Schools
    • Updated FAQs (including PGs for students with IIPs)
    • Collected Dossier Support Videos

    Possible Activity

    • Your school may wish to complete the activity attached below as a school. This activity is based on The Collaborative Learning Cycle. Please note that when you are examining last year's PGs do not judge them harshly.  The critieria provided was much more general last year! 
    • This activity will support diving deeper into PGs, becoming more familiar with the new criteria, and extending your practices around PGs. 

    The Guide

    The following guide has been created to support schools with developing and monitoring personalized goals (PGs) for students.   

    The guide includes:

    • Why ​use PGs

    • Definition​ of PG

    • New Characteristics of an Effective Personalized Goal

    • New Exemplars Aligned to Opportunities REORDER rubric

    • How to Set Goals​ (process)

    • Supports​ (What/Who)

    • When Do We Set PGs

    • Other Conversations/Reflections​

    • Appendix A Setting Personal Goals Process

    • NEW Appendix B FAQs

    • Appendix C Year-at-a-Glance for PG Dates

    Readiness (Benchmark) Assessments

    For the 2022-2023 school year, the Curriculum, Assessment, Instruction and Student Support teams have collaborated to offer a collection of readiness or benchmark assessments that can be added to your school's assessment plan for reading, writing, and math. You will note that for reading, assessments have been aligned with Scarborough's Reading Rope for schools who are utilizing a structured literacy framework. Assesments that are suited to universal or classroom screening are highlighted in green, while those that are more in-depth and likely used for only a few students are highlighted in yellow. The document provides a list with links to resources that may be used to measure growth, but is certainly not an exhaustive list. As we explore various assessment options, this list will continue to evolve. These readiness assessments can be used to support your work with Personalized Goals (PGs) in your school. 

    Effective PG Writing, Rubrics & Exemplars

    Characteristics of an Effective Personalized Goal (Based on the REORDER Opportunties Level 3 Rubric)

    •   Benchmark assessments have been thoughtfully selected and administered in collaboration with other staff teaching in your grade grouping to ensure consistency.


    •   Students demonstrate skills and knowledge in reading at or above grade level or have a personalized goal that is informed by data.


    •   All students that are below grade level on benchmark or divisional assessments (E.g., DRA, Gr. 7 Reading Assessment) have a PG.


    •   Teacher has written the goal based on data and in consultation with the student (when possible).


    •   Goals are monitored regularly and updated regularly (approximately every 6-8 weeks or earlier).


    •   Goals are clear and specific, identify the root cause of the issue, include specific strategies, and are attainable within one term.


    •   Parents understand and support achievement of the personalized goal(s)


    To view the entire set of school REORDER Rubrics, including the Opportunties rubric for PGs click HERE


    Exemplars for each level of PG based on the rubric above are attached below. 

    PGs Fillable Form Template

    This fillable form may be used to ensure a consistent format for writing personalized goals. Download, copy and paste fillable form to a new Word document before moving over to Dossier. 

    August/Early September PG Checklist

    Please find a checklist for late August/early September attached to help guide your work with PGs. 

    PGs in the Early Years

    PGs in the Early Years

    This section supports Kindergarten teachers as they create PGs based on the EYE-TA data. The 10 min. video and accompanying PPT gives samples of personalized goals, identifies possible strategies and shows how to put the goals in Dossier. 


    PG Monitoring

    The attached PPT and accompanying documents hold everything you need to check in on PGs. Check out the one pager for a quick reference guide. The strategy bank is a curated collection of high-impact strategies for you to implement in your classroom. 

    To view a narrated version of the PPT please watch the video below.

    PG Monitoring Video


    Introduction to PGs from iLEARN 2021 - Still Contains Relevant & Applicable Information

    You may wish to refer back to this recording for more details about PGs relating to specific areas of interest.  Please note there have been some changes, so also refer to Section 1 "What's new in 2022". 

    Please view this recording as a school.  The PowerPoint slides are available below for your reference. 

    Link to the Video Recording - 

    Personalized Goals 2021 2022


    Dossier Information & Supports

    Introductory information on Dossier Tutorial 

    How to Access and Format PGs in Dossier Tutorial

    Class Entry

    PG Reporting

    Adding/Updating Grade Level Related to PG

    Adding DRA

    Adding Reading Assessment Entry

    Interpreting the RAD (Reading Assesment Data)

    Key for Terms in Dossier

    Here is a quick reference key for the terms used in Dossier. 

    End of Year PG Checklist

    Please find a checklist for June attached to help guide your work with PGs for the end of the year. 

    Personalized Goals, Student Support Plans & Inclusion and Intervention Plans

    This document examines the purpose of each type of goal/plan. 

    A chart is included to explore the similarities and differences of PGs, SSPs & IIPs.