"I CAN" Saskatchewan Learning Outcomes for Kindergarten to Grade Nine

Saskatchewan Learning Outcomes for Kindergarten to Grade Nine

The following are the outcomes each grade will work on in Saskatchewan.  The outcomes are written in student and parent friendly language using "I Can" statements. 

You will find all the outcomes organized by grade and subject for the full year, including Treaty outcomes. 



Download: Sun_West_I_Can_K_Treaty_Poster_2.pdf

Grade 1

Download: Sun_West_I_Can_Grade_1_Treaty_Poster_2.pdf

Grade 2

Download: Sun_West_I_Can_Grade_2_Treaty_Poster_2.pdf

Grade 3

Download: Sun_West_I_Can_Grade_3_Treaty_Poster_2.pdf

Grade 4

Download: Sun_West_I_Can_Grade_4_Treaty_Poster_2.pdf

Grade 5

Download: Sun_West_I_Can_Grade_5_Treaty_Poster_2.pdf

Grade 6

Download: Sun_West_I_Can_Grade_6_Treaty_Poster_2.pdf

Grade 7

Download: Sun_West_I_Can_Grade_7_Treaty_Poster_2.pdf

Grade 8

Download: Sun_West_I_Can_Grade_8_Treaty_Poster_2.pdf

Grade 9

Download: Sun_West_I_Can_Grade_9_Treaty_Poster_2.pdf

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