Learning at Home

This hub has been designed to support student learning at home.  

Please keep in mind that this is a small selection of what is available in The Resource Bank, but these are "the best of the best" resources.  Please feel free to browse other hubs, collections and do keyword searches to find more amazing resources for learning at home.  

Also visit our: Parent Connections Hub (there is a short video to orient you with The Resource Bank there) & our Math Hub.

To find out what outcomes your child should be learning about in their specfic grade, please visit our Outcome Maps.  

Please remember to take care of your wellness during school closures.   Please visit our Wellness During Covid-19 collection for resources. 

Please also visit our Student Central Hub for student-friendly resources and activities!

Every Day Learning

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When learning at home, you have the ability to be flexible, and have some fun along the way.  You can find a suggested schedule template and exemplar week here in the bank, but as long as you are hitting the six main "Every Day Learning" tasks, you will be more than fine.  We suggest you try to stick to a regular schedule for sleep, meals, chores and all of your usual daily routines.  Bed time and wake up time should stay relatively the same if possible.  

You can find resources below by grade grouping or by area of focus described as "Every Day Learning" activities (Read, Write, Math, Move Your Body, Get Creative, Science/Social Studies/Passions.  These collections are provided below. 

When you open the collection you will find more information and some suggestions of how to incorporate these every day learning tasks into your day.  Visit our collections for Read & Write, Family LiteracyMath at Home, Math Games, & Math Videos & Tutorials, Move Your Body, Get CreativeScience, Social Studies & Passion Learning or Genius Hour. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, or are not sure where to start, please visit our interactive Sun West Learn @ Home Passport.  This has been designed to assist you, and each square provides links out to helpful resources.  

Please also visit our Student Central Hub for student-friendly resources and activites! 

Curated Collections of Learning Resources